Diddy Beats Out Jay-Z For 2015 Highest Paid Rap Artist

    Diddy Beats Out Jay-Z For 2015 Highest Paid Rap Artist


    Forbes.com: He rarely performs these days, but Diddy rakes in cash from the fruits of a reputation forged in music: TV network Revolt, clothing line Sean John, alkaline water brand Aquahydrate and Ciroc vodka, which brings in the bulk of his bucks. He’s also readying a new album, and enjoys being named No. 1. “You started learning how to count!” Diddy recently told FORBES.

    Diddy the only thing he has more than names over the years is MONEY. According to Forbes, Diddy is the highest paid Hip Hop artist in 2015 and is raking in $60 Million this year. He narrowly beat out iconic rapper Jay-Z who made $54 million.

    The photo of Diddy looking puzzled at a $1 bill mixed in with a stack of Benjamins is CLASSIC.

    Other artists in the Top 10 include:

    Number 3: Drake $39.5 million

    Number 4: Dr. Dre $33 million

    Number 5: Pharrell Williams $32 million

    Number 6: Eminem $31 million

    Number 7: Kanye West $22 million

    Number 8: Wiz Khalifa $21.5 million

    Number 9: Nick Minaj $21 million

    Number 10: Birdman $18 million